Happy Monday... Magnificent Monday!

Let's make it a smooth re-entry after a long holiday weekend!

Make lists - write down your goals - daydream - work hard - work out - take a moment to regroup and refocus - be productive - put your best foot forward - smile - be grateful - be gracious - be happy - be determined - be mindful - be cautious - be courageous - shine - be bold - be proud - make others happy - make others smile - pay compliments - take a coffee break - keep cool - don't be discouraged -make mistakes - learn from your mistakes - step outside of your comfort zone - think outside of the box - don't take yourself too seriously - breathe - stay focused - think positive thoughts... 

At the end of the day be proud of your accomplishments - sing your praises - sing the praises of others - take a moment to relax - go for a long walk - go for a run - take a walk along the ocean - enjoy a chilled glass of wine - kick off your shoes - have dinner on the sand... in the beach, at the lake, in the park or on your porch... Prepare yourself for tomorrow and be prepared to kick-ass! 

And remember, you're one day closer to the weekend!

Make this a memorable, magical, magnificent Monday!