Country Living's 2013 House of the Year :: Stylish Notes on Decor

I was contacted by the folks at Hearst Magazine yesterday. They wanted to know whether I would share with my readers Country Living's 2013 House of the Year. After learning what it was, and why it was indeed so very special, how could I not want to share it with all of you? I wrote back immediately and put my scheduled post on hold.

Country Living's 2013 House of the Year is a very special house indeed - with a very special story.
After Hurricane Sandy hit and devastated the New York/New Jersey and Connecticut areas, the folks at Country Living sought to redo a cottage that had been overcome by the flooding.  They chose to redo Marian Lizzy's 1,000 square foot bungalow located in Breezy Point, New York. This incredible renovation headed by Emily Henderson, Deary Construction, and several members of the Country Living Team has turned an incredible tragedy into a symbol of hope and possibility.

In the photos below, you will see a most incredible transformation.

This is what Marian Lizzy's neighborhood looked like after Sandy hit...

While her own house still stood erect after the storm, it was uninhabitable due to the incredible flooding.

Here the team breaks through and removes all the waterlogged and soon to be moldy drywall...

Whatever can be salvaged, including structural pieces of wood will be. But first it must be aired out and thoroughly dried. 

New cabinetry is put into place... 
And eventually, the house is complete!

Isn't it fantastic? As a coastal resident in nearby Fairfield County, Connecticut whose town also saw devastation and destruction left by Sandy, this project thrills me to no end. My children and I helped local senior citizens whose houses too had been ravaged by severe flooding. If we could have done more, we absolutely would have! I applaud Country Living, Emily Henderson, the team and all the sponsors who stepped in to help turn a tragic event into one of joy and hope and promise!

Please head on over to Country Living to meet the team, tour the house, learn about the products and sponsors, and see many more inspiring photographs! This issue will be on newsstands on August 6th.



*All photographs courtesy Country Living/Alec Hemer