Stylish Notes on Entertaining Simply

Dip Milk or Frappucino or Orangina jars in paint for a simple pop of color! This sweet idea comes to us from Say Yes to Hoboken.

With warmer, pleasanter weather upon us many of us are not only opening up our windows and doors but are opening them up to family friends. I've always loved to entertain but there's something about the warmer weather than makes me want to entertain more often. Perhaps it's because we can move outside, onto porches, decks, verandas and back yards. These outdoor spaces offer extra spaces, and let's face it, many of us are cooped up indoors much of the year, and so when we can, it's nice to be able to spend as much time as possible outside of the house. I tend to adore the early evening hours when the sun is not directly overhead and shadows are cast providing some relief from the heat. We've had a relatively cool summer so far, save for one heat heat wave that lasted several days. We can still wear lightweight sweaters or long sleeves at night. I know this is temporary and many more days of heat and humidity will be upon us. We'll use ceiling fans and run our air conditioners, and in some cases it will be too warm and muggy, even at night, to be comfortable outdoors. So we'll most likely end up using both our indoor and outdoor spaces. 

I'm not an over the top entertainer. I much prefer to keep things simple. But I am a details girl. I want my guests to enjoy themselves... I want to provide them with a festive atmosphere,  fabulous food and entertaining music. It's about creating an ambiance and setting a mood. But it's important that I enjoy myself as well. I've learned what I can and cannot do. I have learned, over the years, that simpler is better. And that you can create magical, fun, whimsical without spending too much time and too much money. There are so many wonderful, simple steps that leave such a long lasting impression. These simple ideas also work for last minute get togethers and dinner parties. As I love to do, I work with what I may have in my home and in my backyard. I recycle and use nature as often as I can.

Summertime means mosquitos and other little pests like to join in on the fun. I love these simple, sweet and pretty citronella candles via Nest of Posies.

The heat and humidity can often be intense in the summertime, even after the sun has set. Why not pass around these cool, damp cloths to comfort your guests. This idea comes from Country Living.

Who doesn't smile at a whimsical candy necklace? Give the necklace new life as a napkin ring. Simple, inexpensive and so much fun! This idea comes to us from La Mariee aux pieds nus.

The next time you take a stroll along the beach think of all the wonderful thing you can do with those shells. The mussel shells, above, are plentiful along the New England shores. I love the clever use as place cards. Via Style Me Pretty.

One may tend to equate pine cones with the cooler months and the holidays, but truthfully they are always present in New England. Dip them in a bright color to give your place setting a fun and festive flair. This idea also comes to us from Style Me Pretty.

Lanterns are a wonderful way to add festive lighting. Lanterns can be found all over the place these days at very reasonable prices. You can choose regular candles or the flameless variety to place inside them.
Image via Pinterest.

A simple setting for an outdoor, farm to fork or girls luncheon. Other fruits and vegetables to try include lemons, limes, fresh multi-colored miniature carrots, fresh herbs. Via Better Homes and Gardens

I love this idea of illuminating the underneaths of these tables! All is needed are battery operated lanterns or flashlights. How simple and divine is this idea from Sunset?!

Sometimes something so very simple does so much!

I think this is the perfect weekend to throw a little something together, don't you?