Notes on Decor :: Trash to treasure...

I found this bottle yesterday while walking through some trails in a nearby park yesterday. I saw it lying there, partially unearthed, covered with dirt and thought that with a good washing it would be beautiful. It's an old pint bottle. How old, I'm not sure but it doesn't look like anything I've seen lately. And the color is unusual for today's bottles. It's green but with a brownish tinge to it. It's a beautiful but simple shape - almost like a flask. But how to bring it into the car (all covered with dirt) without my daughter seeing me and completely freaking out because I'm bringing some nasty piece of garbage (these would be her words, not mine!) into the car, and she would no doubt be positively mortified by this - as she is with everything I do these days. So I let her walk ahead of me. I waited until she was safely in the car... waited a second or two before picking up my garbage and placing it on the floor of the backseat. When we got back to the house, I waited for her to go inside before I picked up my piece of garbage and brought it to the kitchen sink.

I looked under the kitchen sink where I keep the floor sponge but it was missing. I remembered that my 7 year old had used it to clean wash smudge and smoosh all the dirt around on my car, making it look even worse than it did before it needed a wash! So now I had to draw some attention to myself. "Alexander, I need you a sec!" I shouted to him in the other room. He came right over (which in itself is a rarity) and I told him I needed the sponge that he'd left in the garage. "What for?" he asked as he looked into the sink at the old liquor bottle covered in dirt and earth." And when I told him, he didn't think twice and brought me the sponge and watched as I gave the old bottle new life. He was clearly impressed! I am thinking of wrapping the mouth of the bottle in twine as it's a bit rusty and not very pretty. But I will leave the rest of the bottle as is. 

When I showed these pictures to my boyfriend yesterday, he promised to take me to the town dump for our next date!

I wish you all a wonderful, happy and relaxing Sunday!