Stylish Notes on Decor :: Don't be a square!

If you haven't noticed by now I'm sort of a non-conformist... not in the way left or way right sense, but in the sense that I just like to do things my way. I simply know what I like and what makes me happy. I'm definitely an outside of the box thinker... I believe in not coloring in between the lines! Sometimes I need to be a little different... a little zanier... a little sillier... I'm certainly no square peg and this applies to my personality, sense of style and how I like to decorate. I like to go off the beaten path - maybe I will bring someone with me... just in case I get lost as I have a terrible sense of direction! I tend to see things a little differently... in a new light and I love things that are unique and quirky.

This morning I was up early as I always am. I made my cappuccino and plunked myself onto the couch in the  family room and watched as the sun started to rise above the horizon to my left. As I looked out beyond my large bay windows on to my expansive back yard I wondered why, for the most part, windows are square... or rectangular. So I decided to look poke around some online to see what I could find in terms of round windows. What I found, as you will see in the pictures below, is that round windows can soften the tone and mood of a room. I also think you look out them differently... as though somehow, with their round shapes, you see the world slightly differently. Maybe as though looking through binoculars or spectacles... What do you think?


When I design my dream home, one day, (in a land and a life far, far, far away) I will be sure to have at least one round window!