Notes on Decor :: Brimfield Antiques

Every May for the past three years I've driven to Brimfield, Massachusetts to attend the largest antiques show in the country where vendors display their wares on fields that stretch a mile long. You'll find everything from furniture to novelties. I've been fortunate enough to attend with some fabulous designers and interior decorators that I have come to call good friends over the past few years. For the past 3 years I joined the Brimfield VIP event that was the brainchild of Gretchen Aubuchon, and sponsored by Aubuchon Hardware and Benjamin Moore paints. This year Rue La La and Robert Allen Design partnered up as well. We had a large and lovely tent to return to, where we could give our tired tootsies a rest, grab a cold beverage provided by Polar Beverages and recharge ourselves and our batteries. I couldn't imagine coming to Brimfield without this gem of a home base!

I'm doing something I've never done before - blogging from my phone! I've downloaded the images (there are many more on my camera!) to share with you all. 

My photographic eye always has such fun at Brimfield.
I want to personally thank the folks at Benjamin Moore - and give a big shout out to my new friend Ben - for giving me a ticket to the VIP event. It was truly appreciated and I will be forever grateful! 

I'd been eyeing these for a couple of years now and last year I really regretted not getting one... 

I wasn't going to make that mistake again. So I gave myself an early Birthday present!
Happy Birthday to Me!

There were so many wonderful, Nauti items!

and colors and shapes and patterns everywhere!

old bakelite... lots of it!

lots of signage...

Everything for every hobby...

Collectibles galore!

fabulous, whimsical furniture...

Our tent to rest our weary feet! The Cocktail Whisperer, Warren Bowbrow was there to quench everyone's thirst... The tent and bar area was designed by the talented Shane Inman of Shane Inman Interiors... Word on the street was that he built the bar strong enough for yours truly to get up and dance on it! 

Below is my "creative shot" of Shane's rope chandelier that my friend Megan appropriately dubbed the

My favorite little treat ever... thanks to Rue La La! (Shh, don't tell anyone but a few of these little jars made their way home with me!)

A beautiful dinner table with goodies provided by Benjamin Moore and Rue La La

My good friend and etiquette expert, Mindy Lockhart with her beyond adorable daughter (who was as polite as polite could be!)

I have about a million more pictures to upload but I have to hit the hay... I am off to New York City in the morning to take part in BlogFest, sponsored by Kravet Fabrics and Furnishings. As most of you know there was a terrible train collision just a town away from me on Friday evening and as a result train service is going to be a mess. There are going to be 50,000 displaced commuters, and me. At this point (9:15 pm) I am not entirely sure which station I will be leaving from or where I will be parking. I plan on being out the door by 6:00 to get to my event by 9:00. Trains are running sporadically and will be over crowded. But I shall persevere and ride the storm! (Do wish me luck please!)