Smooth as silk :: Your Guide to Soft Skin

It's been a long winter for sure, but before we know it we'll be donning our little skirts, sundresses and flip-flops, and if you are like I am, you can hardly wait! But first I have to get my skin ready to be exposed. My skin doesn't like winter at all. She gets dry - painfully dry and flaky. At the end of the day my skin actually hurts. As soon as we can turn off the heat and open our windows my skin will rejoice! I've had dry skin since I was a child and it seems only to have gotten worse as I have gotten older. My skin flakes in some areas and cracks in others. I have tried every lotion and creme known to mankind. I have tried the expensive as well as the supermarket variety. I find that many lotions coat well and soothe immediately but don't have lasting effects. What's more, I don't like the sticky feeling that most lotions leave after I apply them.

I have, in recent years, become a huge fan of body oils. They moisturize well and seem to last nearly all day. In the driest of days I will need to reapply, but for the most part I can apply a body oil and it will last until my shower the following day.

One of my favorites, and has been for over 20 years, is Neutrogena's Sesame Oil. This light, mild oil covers well and holds moisture through the day.  I love the fresh, lightly floral, sesame sent, and I love the way it feels and the way my skin glistens once it's applied.
When I was about 22 I dated this guy who became obsessed with the smell of  my bathroom towels!
The smell of the sesame oil lingered on the towels and, while I admit they did and do smell good, his preoccupation with smelling my bath towels I found rather disturbing. But one whiff and you'll understand!

I recently discovered BioOil, which at $20 is a bit pricier than Neutrogena's $16, but WOW OH WOW is this stuff fabulous! With an aroma like light rose water, BioOil is a bit thicker than the Sesame Oil, but you won't feel greasy from this at all. I promise! This is the perfect moisturizer for that extra dry winter skin. I even love this on my face. I'm very skeptical of most facial products out there that promise better skin in days, but I with BioOil I noticed a definite improvement in redness and blotchiness.

You can never go wrong with a good Vitamin E oil. Trader Joe's makes one but there are many fabulous ones out there. Vitamin E oils do vary in price so shop around. This natural oil is an anti-oxidant and diminishes the occurrence and look of wrinkles (as I believe the Bio-Oil did as well) as well as diminishes brown spots and aids in the healing process of scars. I use Vitamin E oil on my face as well as my body year round. The small bottles are ideal for travel.

And we all remember Johnson & Johnson's Baby Oil which we all slathered on our skin at some point before heading out into the sun in our crazy teenage years, or used as make-up remover. For years I kept a bottle in my shower and applied liberally after my shower was done and before drying off. This magnificent moisturizer isn't just for babies! Smaller, travel-sized containers are great for travel and your pharmacy will most likely have a generic version, which makes this the most economical skin moisturizer.

For maximum effect apply oil to wet or damp skin immediately after your shower when your pores are open. This allows the oil to best penetrate your skin.

* My favorite: I have two - Bio-Oil and Neutrogena's Sesame Oil. I love how fresh and clean I feel
* The best for moisturizing really dry skin: Bio-Oil and Vitamin E Oil
* The best facial moisturizers: Bio-Oil and Vitamin E Oil
* Most economical: generic version of Johnson & Johnson baby oil

We have to have smooth, supple and moist skin because soon it will be time to apply those self tanners!
Do you have any favorites? I'd love to hear if you do. I will be testing a few shortly with the hopes that I do not look like I've been dragged through a large bag of Dorito Dust!