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I'm channeling summer and warm weather. It's positively chilly here in Connecticut. In anticipation of the warmer days to come I started a board on Pinterest that I titled "En Plein Air" which, translated, means in the open air. I will take from these images not only to work on my current space but to tuck away for a later day and time...as inspiration for my dream home, of course.

There's nothing like being outdoors when the weather is warm. Whether day or night, whether relaxing with a book and a glass of iced tea or entertaining a group of friends, there's something special about being outdoors. Perhaps I think it so spectacular because half of my year is spent indoors and as soon as the weather gets warm I spend as much time outside as I possibly can.

The picture above was placed on my board because I simply adore the wonderful turquoise and white striped drapes that give this porch an indoor-outdoor feel... The images of the two little girls sitting on the glider, eating watermelon brought a smile to my face and a wonderful memory of my most favorite place in the world.

Property of The Entertaining House

My grandmother's home, Jardin des Arbres, in Cannes, France was not only a summer home to me but one that was filled with magic and wonder... It was my own little fairytale land. I wasn't the only one to feel this way. Her home touched and delighted all who came to see it... celebrities, royalty and the editors and photographers of Maison et Jardin where her home appeared many times. In Cannes, I spent my days at the beach but my mornings, late afternoons and evenings were spent outside on my grandmother's magnificent balcony overlooking the Cote d'Azur. You could see for miles and miles and miles. Olive trees lined the far end of the terrace and their aroma was wonderful. (I learned early on not to try to eat the fruit right off the tree!) The terrace area was huge. It housed a pool and an elegant banquet lined the far end of it. There was plenty of room for a young child to run around (though not too close to the pool!) and to play with her toys and dolls. We ate, it seemed, all our meals outside. I took my petite dejeuner out there as well as my afternoon tea and my dinner. My grandmother entertained outside all the time. I remember her gorgeous and elaborate table settings and I remember wanting to be old enough to be able to attend some of these terribly grown up and magical parties! 

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It's simply so magical, isn' it?
So timeless, isn't it?

Part of the terrace was sheltered with a roof so that even in a light rain, one could entertain and dine outside. Only sliding glass doors separated the outdoors from the living room, so that she truly was able to bring the outside in. Only during torrential downpours accompanied by hail the size of golf balls, did we ever remain indoors.

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From the living room looking out to the terrace and the pool. My grandmother had a classic and timeless elegance. I only wish this photograph was in color!

via Maison et Jardin: Property of The Entertaining House
Here's the outside dining area. I wish they had taken a picture of the table when she was all set up and in her glory! Look up, isn't the chandelier wonderful? The roof that acted as an awning was painted in a pale blue. Inside, you can see the living room/library area. I wish the photograph was in color. My grandmother always arranged her books by color as opposed to author which seems to be the "thing to do" these days.

Below I have included a few of the "en plein air" images that I have pinned from Pinterest. Will these inspire you to clean off your porches and patios, decks, terraces and verandas?

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I'm ready and inspired to entertain outside, are you?