10 Simple ways to transition your fireplace into Spring and Summer

As I was researching stories on home decor for this and other sites I happened to catch a glimpse of my ash-filled fireplace that's in dire need of a thorough cleaning. It then struck me that I needed to do something with the big, vacant space inside. Most likely it won't see another roaring fire for another 6 months or so. My parents never use their fireplaces. In one my mother has placed a handsome, deep orange-nearly-red Chinese urn in which sit several ferns, I believe. In the other fireplace rests a large pediment that my mother had brought back from Paris centuries ago. (I say centuries because I know at some point she will read this!)  My mother's rule is that all fireplaces should be painted black inside. Not only does it look more elegant, but after the fires have burned, the dirt from the soot and smoke will simply blend in. I have taken her advice and my fireplaces have all been black with the exception of my current home, which is temporary and a rental.

But still... I need to find something to put inside of it...

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I love the photo above as I am a huge fan of using what nature has given us and bringing it all indoors. Now I just need to find a nice, big, elegant planter!

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A decorative screen, fresh flowers and candles are all it takes to add a light Springtime to your fireplace.

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A large house plant placed in front of a fireplace is an easy way to change it with the seasons. If you don't already have a large house plant, you could place several together, then place them elsewhere in your home when you want your fireplace to be operational again. Your local florist, gardening center or Home Depot are great places to get large plants. It really can't get any simpler than this!

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Candles never go out of style and are perfect for every season. Some people use candles year round in their fireplaces. For those of you with allergies and asthma issues, candles are a way to bring warmth into your home without the irritants of a wood burning fire. Try placing a mirror behind the candles for a more dramatic effect!

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Create a seasonal vignette in your space with items collected from your travels or items that hold a special place in your heart.

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Create a visual display using birchwood, or other type of wood, logs, or branches...

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A large artifact or architectural piece draw instant attention...Other ideas would be to add a large framed piece of artwork.

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Simply blocking the fireplace by rearranging furniture creates a different focal point. 

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I thought this candle holder created from driftwood would be a fun piece to add to a coastal fireplace!

Do you have any ideas to add?