It's Friday and I haven't posted anything since Monday. Gasp! I will tell you that my Monday was indeed Magnificent! I will tell you that it was an incredilby insightful and productive day. I can tell you that I had been on a major productivity streak and that it felt so wonderful. I can also tell you that in addition to running around trying to coordinate interviews, create editorial calendars, meet deadlines and start new projects we've had a child home with the flu. So it's been a mad mad mad week.

Of course I didn't realize that it was the flu because she'd had her flu shot and she seemed to have a really really, REALLY bad cold (runny nose, sore throat, minor chills and body aches) so I kept her quarantined all weekend and forbade her to touch anything or breathe near me! I kept my distance and my hands clean. As a self-employed single mother or three I simply cannot afford to get sick.

On Tuesday I let her take over the family room and I was essentially banished to my bedroom... and only did I pass through the family room to get to the kitchen and when I did I sprayed the Lysol freely in the air... and wiped everything I touched with Clorox wipes. I am not really a germophobe. I typically think germs are good. I use to follow the 5 second rule, which quickly became the 10 second rule, then the 30 second rule, until I thought, oh what the heck, the 3 minute rule will just have to do. But with all these bugs and viruses circling round like vultures, I take no chance. I've been popping these Zicam pills like nobody's business... eating my greens and my apple a day (with peanut butter and cinnamon) and going to my Zumba classes and well, not really sleeping.

When she worried it might be strep because her throat hurt so badly, I took her to the doctor. The good news is that it wasn't strep. The bad news is that it was the flu!

On Tuesday evening she fell asleep in the family room with the television on which kept waking me up all night long. At 5:00 am I could take it no more and I got up and made my coffee. I had so much writing to do yesterday and writing is not what I do well when my eyelids can barely stay open.After a completely unproductive morning I decided to embrace the fact I was confined to my own bedroom and decided to take a nap.

And then she screamed. A bird flew right into the living room window and scared the ^@%^#% out of her! (There was no sight of it on the ground anywhere nearby, so we think it flew away uninjured.) I finally crawled back in and attempted to close my eyes again. This time I'm jolted wide awake by the UPS man ringing our obnoxiously loud doorbell... Sigh...The nap certainly isn't going to happen. I have no idea what I did the rest of the afternoon... it was all a blur. By 5:00 I could barely stand up and I put my pajamas on and crawled back into my room (a glass of Super Tuscan in hand) and told my daughter that with any luck I'd be asleep before long. And I was... I woke at 9:00 and thought, after a nearly 4 hour nap that I would not fall back to sleep. But I did.

And then, Holy Windstorm Batman! The gale force winds hurled themselves angrily through the trees, onto my little house. It was so loud that I had a hard time listening to either the TV or the radio (Pandora) that I thought might help calm my nerves. It was 3:30 am and I was pretty sure that my sleeping was over. I trudged back out to the living room with the hopes of lying down in a quieter, less scary space. But she had fallen asleep on the couch. I didn't mean to but I yelled at her. And I made her go into her bed. And I Lysol'd the heck out of the couch and flipped all the pillows over and wiped down the coffee table and remote control and anything else she might have touched. By now, of course, I couldn't sleep. Of course. I wrote another article and by 9:00 am I had already had 4 cups of very strong coffee and an article under my belt. And to tell you the truth, I was ready for bed again! But I fought against it and did some more laundry and cleaning. Swiffered the kitchen floor. Sick kids are draining. She's low maintenance but you still have to take care of them... and clean up after them. And Lysol the heck out of them. Ok, I'm kidding there... to a certain degree!

She's starting to feel better now...
She'll be going back to school tomorrow... (YIPPEE!)
And suddenly my nose is starting to run... a lot...
Keep your fingers and toes crossed, please?!

Meantime, I hit the grocery store with a vengeance today. I'm all stocked up.
It's kind of like travelling with your umbrella - I hope! When you have your umbrella it doesn't rain, and when you're caught without it... well, you know!

Yes, with lotion... after an entire day  of blowing, you want the lotion

The only time I drank soda as a kid... this always made me feel better!

Chicken noodle soup.
I'm making some tomorrow.
How adorable are these carrots?

I used to be a Motrin girl, but seriously, these liquid-filled Advils are da bomb!
They work so much faster, which is super importand when you're feeling so crummy.
(And yes, I will get the generic version when I can find them!)

And these homeopathic little gems really help... I mean they really help!

Because you want something to nosh on and the salt tastes good but you don't want anything too heavy...

And you must wear your favorite pajamas!

books in bed :)

And a really good book or two...


and your iPhone to stay in touch and to play Pandora...


My iPad... so I can watch past seasons of Downton Abbey on Netflix or this season's on PBS!
Or maybe Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle...
or It's Complicated with Meryl Streep (my girl crush!) and Jack Nicholson!

There... I think I'm all ready...
But let's hope I don't have to be!