My little pot of gold :: 35 reasons why you need your Vaseline!

Seriously, if you don't have a pot of Vaseline in your medicine cabinet, kitchen and handbag, you're missing out on something fabulous! In fact, why not have one in every room in your home... and your car too for that matter! It is the best and most economical beauty product you can own. Its useless are endless!

1. There's nothing better, and I mean NOTHING better for chapped lips.

2. And it makes a fab gloss when your lips aren't chapped.

3. And add some Jell-O or Kool Aid to create your own colored gloss.

4. Dab it on and rub it into dry patches on your elbows, knees, hands, feet... anywhere for that matter!

5. For a smudge-proof mascara that won't ever leave you with racoon eyes. Simply dab a clean mascara wand into a small bit of it and apply.

6. Tame your eyebrows as well.

7. Apply a small amount to your brow before plucking to ensure a painless pluck.

8. It's a fabulous, effective and inexpensive make-up remover.

9. Rub some into your cheeks for an instant dewy look, and no, it won't clog your pores.

10. It makes for a fabulous moisturizer! Marilyn Monroe was a fan of using Vaseline as a facial moisturizer.

11. Revitalize cracked pots of eye shadow or blush by mixing w Vaseline to create a creamy version

12. Dab a small amount over your nails when you're not quite ready for another manicure... Gives an instant shine!

13. And while on the topic of nail polish add a small amount of Vaseline to the mouth of your nail polish bottle to prevent the cap from sticking to the bottle. (Works well with glue as well as other sticky solvents as well.)

14. If you can't locate a BandAid and you have a minor cut, Vaseline will stop bleeding. This is FANTASTIC for accidental razor nicks. Vaseline also protects wounds by acting as a sealant to keep harmful bacteria out.

15. Lengthen the life of your perfume by applying a dab of Vaseline before you apply your perfume.

16. It can help to prevent scarring.

17. Use after shaving to prevent razor burn

18. A dab applied in each nostril prevents bloody noses during the dry winter months.

19. Runners rub Vaseline around their toes before long runs like marathons to prevent chafing and blisters.

20. If your fingers swell from heat or at the end of the day add some Vaseline to your fingers and your rings will slide right off.

21. Apply to nail beds before applying nail polish.

22. Heat in the microwave and massage into sore muscles.

23. Mix with sugar or sea salt to make a soothing exfoliator.

On your little dears...

24. Vaseline is great for chapped cheeks.

25. And diaper rash.

26. And apply a dab above the brow line... shampoo will run off to the sides and not into sensitive baby eyes.

Other uses...

27. Rub a dab of Vaseline on your leather shoes, boots or handbags. My grandmother taught me this. It gives an instant shine and helps to repel water.

28. Use it as a furniture polish.

29. To keep squirrels from climbing up birdfeeder poles apply a generous amound onto the poles and the squirrels will slide right off!

30. Apply a dab to the inside of candle holders to prevent the wax from sticking.

31. Removes watermarks from wood. (Apply and let sit overnight.)

32. Apply to sticky zippers to help zippers glide more smoothly.

33. A light film of Vaseline applied to the natural gut strings of your tennis racquet will help keep them in good condition.

34. In New Orleans Vaseline is used by store owners to prevent drunks from climbing up their poles during Mardi Gras!

35. Before painting window trims apply to the glass to keep paint from sticking to the window.

How I love my little pots of Vaseline!