Holiday Eye Candy :: Wreaths

Today's post is a visual one...
Christmas Wreaths aren't what they used to be. They're more than a piece of green evergreen twisted into a circle and fitted with a red bow... They've become so much more. They're not all red and green anymore... They're not all made of pine anymore... I have chosen images simple, rustic and some which are more elegant in nature... I hope you enjoy the images below and are inspired to create one of your own... 

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Use a pack of dollar store snowflakes for this...
visit Better Homes and Gardens to make this simple wreath!

...with lemons
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Love the idea of hanging a fun colored glass ornament wreath to a display case.
Better Homes and Gardens

Wreath & Chalkboard
via Say Yes to Hoboken

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Little finds for Christmas
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Let it snow!
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love this!
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via Better Homes and Gardens

chair wreath- great for guest of honor at a shower or party
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Decorating: Holiday Wreaths - Traditional HomeĀ®
via Traditional Home

Christmas. beautiful decor.
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Ice and holly berry wreath.
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Here's a toast to a lovely, warm and festive weekend!