Cheers! Champagne Cocktails to Help You Ring in the New Year in Style!

Are you ready?
Is your champagne chilled?
Are your glasses out? Rinsed? Ready to use?
I love a good glass of bubbles and I often pour myself a glass for no reason at all... Life is reason enough to celebrate, right?

But New Year's Eve is really worth celebrating... as we bid farewell to the old, to our past, we openly embrace the new and welcome all the good that will come our way. Whether you like champagne on its own or doctored up, it certainly is a festive and joyous beverage. The name alone simply brings a smile to my face. There are many kinds of champagne out there and not all will break the bank. If you plan on drinking it straight up opt for a better bottle, Veuve Cliquot happens to be my favorite and is at a moderate price point. There are slews of others out there as well, simply as your liquor store for a good recommendation. I also adore a good Prosecco and Cava (from Italy and Spain). They are less expensive with wonderful flavors and aromas and because of their lower price points they are a great alternative if you plan on creating a champagne cocktail. For those of you who find Champagne too bubbly, Prosecco is slightly less so. Rustico is my favorite Prosecco label. (For more on Champagne and other sparkling wines, peruse over to this post, An Introduction to Champagne and other sparkling wines.)

A purist myself, there are times I really do enjoy a lovely Champagne cocktail.
Some lovely ideas, you'll find below.

classic champagne cocktail recipe
via The Velvet Jungle

For a classic Champagne Cocktail recipe please visit The Velvet Jungle

Rock Candy Twizzle Stick Champagne: Modernize this pretty cocktail by capitalizing on the availability of different ingredients. Start with a rose (pink) champagne and add a rock candy swizzle stick to punctuate the drink with a bit of color. Garnish with a slice of white peach.
via The Sweetest Occasion

So simple, festive and fun... elegant and whimsical... a simple stick of rock candy turns a glass of bubbly into a whimsical delight!

8.10.09 St. Germain
via Zested

Add a touch of St. Germain, an elderberry liqueur to your champagne to give it a lovely, refreshing and tellement French taste!

via Peanut Butter and Dill Pickles

A delicious and refreshing treat - simply add your favorite bubbly to your favorite sorbet to create a grown up float! Flavors that work well are lemon, orange, blood orange, grapefeuit and pear.

via Tumbrl

If you're a Mimosa kind of a girl try kicking it up a notch by topping it off with Grand Marnier or Triple Sec.

Pear and Cranberry Bellini
via Martha Stewart

Belinis are fun and refreshing. I like the idea of mixing pear and cranberry together as Martha Stewart has done. Click here for recipe.

New Years eve idea from Martha Stewart. In Spain they eat 12 grapes at midnight for luck!
via Martha Stewart

Simple and fun, I've done the above several times before. In Spain 12 grapes are placed in a glass of champagne. Each grape signifies a month of the year. The grapes represent the sweetness that each month will bring. I love this Spanish tradition! And do as they do in Spain and serve your grapes with Cava!

Kir Royale
via The Framed Table
Kir Royale was the first Champgane cocktail I started concocting back in my 20s. It was a way to doctor up an inexpensive Champagne - back then there were few less expensive, good quality Champagnes to choose from. It's simple and very festive. Simply top your glass off with a dash of Chambord, a blackberry flavored liqueur is fabulous with any sparkling wine. The darker and sweeter the cocktail depends on how much Chambord is added. (I tend to like mine paler, and less sweet in flavor.)

I hope you are all ready to ring in the New Year with me!
Is there a Champagne cocktail that I haven't mentioned that's a favorite of yours?

Chin-Chin and Cheers!
Have a safe and Happy New Year!


Ps. read below for tips on how to best serve and preserve your bubbles in the rare event some should be left over!