2013 :: The Best is Yet to Come!

indeed! and yours!

I love New Year's...
It's not about the dates and the parties and the champagne. Of course that's all swell and lovely too, but I love taking the time to look back at where I've come from, what I've accomplished and forward to where I'm heading, what I can keep accomplishing and how I can keep growing and bettering myself. I believe in living life to its fullest and taking advantage of all the opportunities given to me. I believe in taking chances and trying new things... I believe in taking leaps of faith and trusting my heart...
My intuition, when I follow it, has yet to fail me.

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Whether you have plans or not, do take advantage of the chance to renew. I'm your typical Type A, a huge social butterly. I love people. I love my old, dear friends and I love to make new ones. But I'm also a big thinker, hugely introspective, and when I'm left alone with my thoughts, things happen. Being alone and being lonely are two different mindsets. I love to be alone, though sometimes I prefer to be out with others, it's all how you look at it - is that glass half full or half empty?

Whether you are ringing in the New Year in style with pomp and circumstance at some grand event, or quietly in your own home with a loved one, or not so quietly at home with friends and loved ones, or by yourself... you can make the most of a great night.
It's all about hope and promise and brighter, better days to come...
Celebrate the good and bid farewell to the not so good.

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2012 was a year of mixed blessings. We had many wonderful events and yet saw many, too many, tragedies. For me it was a year of mixed blessings. My divorce was finalized. I was able to put my past and all the negative to bed, and focus on a happier, brighter future and a happier brighter me. Divorces are sad no matter how you look at them - They're the end of a dream, really, but there's no reason to stop dreaming... When one door closes another opens. I've been fortunate to have so many open for me.

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And so I celebrate life. I celebrate the old and the new. The good and the bad. Because even in the bad, new things arise - new thnings that often turn into good things. When bad things happen we get stronger, we become better, more accepting and more grateful of all the small things around us. In the past year I have become stronger, better, happier and more accepting. Maybe those weren't goals, but in some way they were. As we make New Year's resolutions we are all looking for ways to grow and better oursleves, aren't we?

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I believe that bad things happen for good reasons, and in the end good things come from bad things... no matter what they are and sometimes it takes a while to see this as it is. Without the rain we'd never appreciate the sunshine. Without tears, we'd never truly appreciate laughter. And bad days are almost always followed by good ones. I don't believe in mistakes. I believe that all good things come to those who wait and that in the end, everything really does work out.

every new years eve should be like this.
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I don't believe in making New Year's resolutions. I don't believe in creating unattainable goals. I believe in setting personal goals. I believe in making small, acheivable and attainable pacts with myself. I believe in babysteps. I don't believe in setting standards too high - I don't believe in being unrealistic. I believe in reaching for the stars while keeping my feel firmly planted on the ground.
I am a list maker. Without my lists I accomplish nothing.
So I create a list of personal goals for myself. They aren't too large, hard or far-fetched. They are bite-sized baby steps that when all put together will create one large accomplishment. And, if for some reason I accomplish some but not all of these goals, I won't see myself as a failure.
Set personal and professional mini goals. Perhaps a goal a month - why not write down a new goal at the beginning of each calendar month. Don't create overwhelming goals and
Let's all resolve to make 2013 a banner year!