White jeans after Labor Day...

Two years ago, when I was packing up my summer clothes I decided not to pack up my white jeans. When it comes to things like fashion and decor I sort of like to walk to the beat of my own drum. I believe one should wear what they like and what is flattering as opposed to what is "in style." I have learned after many years and many misses (especially in my teens and in the 1980s, which were really one and the same) that I am best wearing what is comfortable and looks best on me. Even if it's not "trending" at the moment. I wouldn't exactly call myself a rebel, free-spirit is more like it. My style, if I could sum it quickly would be Levis meets Chanel with a dash of humor and whimsy. I love to dress comfortably but I need to dress it up a bit. It makes me feel better. When I feel that I look well I have more confidence. I am happier and more comfortable in my own skin.

I'd say I live in jeans and crisp white T-shirts or casual blouses. They are perfect for me. I work from home and I like to be comfortable, yet to run out of the house I simply need to slip on a chic little blazer or cardigan and slide into a pair of heels or cute flats. (Mustn't forget a fun chunky necklace to dress if up if I'm meeting a client or headed out to lunch or dinner!) It's amazing how well put together you can look in minutes in a pair of jeans.

Because I really do love and live in my jeans, I am remiss to pack up my white ones. I have several pairs and they differ only slightly. But just because the temperatures will soon be taking a doesn't mean I won't be wearing my white jeans. I, after all, quite simply refuse to pack them up! I'll pair them with warmer autumnal hues, greys, browns, blacks, aubergines. I'll wear them with cashmere sweaters, suede jackets and boucle blazers. I'll wear them with ballet flats, kitten heeled shoes or tall boots. I remember when I first did this a couple of years ago. I felt almost, well, daring... but now it seems only fitting. While I do adore the look of all black, sometimes a pop of white just makes the outfit seem fresher, finished, polished.

White, after Labor Day, as you will see below, is stylish, sophisticated and really quite chic.

white jeans
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Whte jeans are all that and then some

for fall
La Redoute


white and black.... spring summer winter and fall!
Vista-se de Variadades

white jeans + boots!



So what do you think? Might you wear your white jeans now that Labor Day has passed?