Slow down, you move too fast...

we have to make these fall mornings last!
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We had a non-stop-crazy day yesterday and I have a non-stop-crazy week ahead of me. We're battling colds and so I think a slow and lazy day is much needed around here. I have to pack for my trip to Boston and Newport. I am so honored to be a part of the #InstyleTour, a design and blogging conference, brainchild of Todd Venditouli and Andie Day that takes place in Boston on Monday and then on Tuesday I am meeting  up with the fabulous Cynthia Bogart, founder of The Daily Basics. A couple of projects to complete and a couple of meetings. All good, but very busy!

So today as I start and wrap up projects, pack and tackle laundry and my children's schedules, I'm hanging out in my flannel pajamas with the most wonderful fall smell in the air. I'm so relaxed right now I'm worried that I may lose any intent to be productive today! 

via The Entertaining House

via The Entertaining House

A couple of weekends ago the children and I went apple picking. I truly think we came home with 40 pounds of apples! We cooked and baked a lot and we placed more around the house on platters and in large bowls to add some fall to our decor. The apples, now two weeks old are a little soft to eat on their own so we're thinking of other ways (other than baking) to use them up. One of my favorite things to do is to simple take some apples, cut them in half or quarters, and add them to a large pan with some cinnamon or cloves... nutmeg. Really you can add anything. Sometimes I add a drop of vanilla and this morning I added a drop of orange essence. Lemon rinds, orange rinds... the possibilities are endless and what you get is the most wonderful aroma in your home. To do this bring the water to a boil and leave it at a rolling boil for a few minutes, then turn the flame down to medium/medium low and let the fruit and spices simmer on the stove top. You can keep this on the stove-top all day if you'd like, simply remember to check the pot from time to time to check water levels. When needed simply add water, the spices are already there and now in concentrated form.

If only I had a screen for my fireplace... Today would be a perfect day... I am on the hunt for one, however!

Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing end to your weekend!