Rainy days and Mondays never get me down!

It's hard some Mondays...
to get up and out of bed.
A mountain of obligations await...
Too many to remember...
A page with a long list has been created
Each item dying to be scratched off
But it's cold out
There's a chill in the air
I need my heavy down comforters
I need my flannels
I need another soul warming cappuccino.
I'd love to stay in bed all day!
It's raining out there too
It'd be nice not to leave the house today!
But up I must get
And get ready to go!

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I wish I had an umbrella like this.
Big Bright Happy Pink!
A pink umbrella in the rain.
Everyone should have one!
But we don't, so the next best thing is a smile.
Wear it well... let it be your umbrella!

Celebrate yourself today
Celebrate this Monday!
Create new goals
Realize new dreams
Get out there and do it!
Take a chance
Step out of your box
Take a step out of your comfort zone
and Celebrate!


so adorable!

For who you are and what you are and all that you are and all that you have...
It's Monday, let's go show 'em what we've got!
And remember we're getting closer and closer to Friday!

I think I'll crawl back under for 5 more minutes...
Maybe 10...