If your walls could talk, what would they say about you?

I like to fill my space. I do not like blank spaces. Perhaps because when I was taught how to paint on a canvass my art teacher was insistent that there be no white showing at all. We were to cover our canvasses completely. I feel the same about writing. I love my pages filled, scribbled, scratched, complete with the written word from top to bottom. I prefer to write in pen in lieu of on my laptop but I digress. My walls can't be bare either. My house feels naked - bare -exposed - raw - incomplete when there is too much white space on my walls. I like them covered with as much of my personal history as possible.

I like my walls, like my home, to tell a story. My walls, complete with photographs, artwork and pictures by the children reflect my style, my story... my personal history. My walls are not fully covered at the moment. It's a work in progress and I am working on it.

The same way a bookcase needs books, a bed needs pillows (the more the merrier) and a closet needs clothes, walls, in my opinion, need frames and artifacts. Lots and lots of them. The more the merrier, in my opinion. These help to add personality and warmth to a home. They personalize a space and make it your own.

As you'll see below there are many ways you can cover up the 'white' space on your walls. Whether you prefer to group or cluster pictures, line an entire wall, or cover a segment of a wall, there's a lot you can do determined on your taste and style. Maybe you want to stick to a monotone theme, or perhaps an antique theme. But there are those who like to combine the old and the new, modern and classic. There's no reason why children's artwork can't live on a wall peacefully with an expensive watercolor and family photographs. It's all in the presentation and how you group your pictures together. If you have a single, large piece of art, let it occupy the space and draw attention to itself. Personally, I adore the look of many framed pictures, together, leaning on shelves against a wall. Below I have chosen some wonderful examples of how you can warm up your walls as well.


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LOVE the picture wall!!

wonderful horizontal arrangement
Kevin Corn


Amazing photo gallery in Steven Gambrel's barn makeover
Southern Living

blue and white- oscar connecticut
home of Oscar de la Renta

Polaroid / Instagram wall
Poppy Talk

White & Wander
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world of interiors
Word of Interiors

Canadian House and Home

Simple and stunning

Gallery walls

bench + shelves + frames
Holly Mathis Interiors

Simply GORGEOUS!!! house beautiful october 2012 amanda lindroth bahamas
via Quintessence Blog

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nice job on wall art

If your walls could talk right now, what would they say about you?