the sounds of summer

Property of The Entertaining House

have you ever listened to summer?
summer has a very distinct sound.
it's the culmination of many sounds, actually,
and yesterday I had the privilege of hearing so many of them -

the wonderful sounds of summer.
sit back - close your eyes and listen the music around you...

I had the most melodious of days yesterday... 
it started early in the morning as I heard the wind rustling the leaves of the trees
and the sound of my coffee maker - such a sweet sound that is!
soon I met a friend for a stroll on the beach...
and heard the waves as they lapped the shore

and the sweet soothing sound of my friend's voice, and laughter
and the airplanes in the sky overhead

and the motors of the boats just off shore
and the gulls as they circle overhead
and the children laughing and squealing with delight.

and then I returned home to quiet tranquility. 
and then the boys returned home.

and the quiet tranquility was now just a memory.
there were lawnmowers humming among the bright green grass
and dogs barking in the yard
then there was thunder in the distance
and we all ran inside where we stayed until
we left to go back to the beach to watch the fireworks.

soon we would claim our seats for the most wonderful of all sounds of summer...
the explosions of fireworks as they were being set off of the large barge off-shore
and their loud bangs reverberated and echoed off the water... 
and the crowds roared and clapped and cheered with magnificent Ooohs and Ahhhs!

some babies cried
some toddlers screamed
with delight!
and when the spectacular event was over we packed our belongings and made way to our cars
to be greeted by a grand summer storm, more music as heavy rain drops danced upon the leaves of the trees overhead before bouncing down onto the hot pavement.

and the day ended on a most wonderful note, the sweet sounds of the little snores that come from a day filled with fun and delight!

Property of The Entertaining House

Property of The Entertaining House

What wonderful sounds have you heard lately?