just close your eyes... and have a Magnificent Monday Magnifcent My Day!

it's hot out there. crazy hot.
it's humid out there. crazy humid. thick fat ugly humid.
it's too hot to go on the porch.
it's too hot to lie on a hammock.
it's much much too hot to even think of going to the beach.
I'm going to close my eyes and think cool thoughts... think refreshing thoughts...
I'm going to pretend I'm out there somewhere... maybe on a raft on a lake with cool breezes and I'm just floating around, relaxed and peaceful... I'll sip iced tea and I'll forget that we're having this heat wave and when I wake from my reverie it will all be over!





Mojito Mojito

And don't forget to make this sultry hot Monday a Magnificent one!
Celebrate Monday!
Celebrate new beginnings!
Celebrate You!


Pink ...



all images via Tumblr