When it comes to fashion, don't be a pill!

Do you need a little picker-upper?
Well, today's post is about designer drugs... but not in this sense!

Cynthia Rowley shows us how fun it can be to be a pill with these fun little clutches!

A key chain that doubles as a pill box... Jonathan Adler style

Jonathan Adler pill-ow?!

Charmed, I'm sure! 

bracelet and top, below, Chanel


(bag Longchamp, print by Jeremy Scott)

Carafe by Jonathan Adler - making whatever you drink pure ecstasy!

Jonathan Adler's ceramic jars could very well take you to new heights!

Drugs saved my life?
That's the name of this wallpaper!

But it all started with this bag... It's genius... brilliant...
and I suppose that you can say I saw this and I was instantly hooked!

Happy Wednesday!