Preppy Pop Music... Hunter Boots with Barbours on Top...

Move OVER One Direction, Justin and all the rest... You have NOTHING on these talented St. Andrew University acapella singers!

Before I share these amazing, talented and positively adorable Preppy college co-eds, soon to be Preppy Pop Stars, with you I must give full credit to my friend Ridgely of Ridgely's Radar for sharing these guys with me and the rest of the world on Twitter this morning.

And the best part is not only are they fabulously talented, not to mention positively adorable, the earnings from their song St. Andrew's Girls will go to UK breast cancer care!

Click on the Yubtube video below to listen to them... delightful, positively delightful!

For more information, please visit their website

I hope this song helps to make your Thursday a Happy one!