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I have this large black frame that I salvaged from a dumpster death nearly 17 years ago in Greenwich, Connecticut. (I got it before it went to the dumpster as opposed to actually diving into the dumpster for it!) It's been in several of my homes. In one home she showcased a Van Gogh poster of sunflowers. In my last home she sat in the basement collecting cobwebs and dust. I dusted and polished her off and now here she sits against the wall. As you can see she's quite generous in stature. I've been thinking of having the children collaborate on a project. I'd like nothing more than to have have something created by my children together in my new home next to my work space. My children range in ages from 13 to 6.5 and their talents and abilities are equally as varied. So, I really need to come up with an idea that is suitable to all levels and abilities.

in advance... pardon the mess in the photo below!

And then it struck me. It was my "AHA!" moment, if you will.

I had been perusing LuLu de Kwiatkowski's blog, A Trail of Inspiration, that I somehow stumbled across a few months ago. LuLu is LuLu DK, the fabulous creator of the line of fabrics bearing her name. I found her fabrics a few years ago, the younger sister of a classmate who was a good friend in elementary school. I remembered her, adorable, with her blonde pony tails. And here she was gorgeous, grown up, fabulously talented and now fabulously famous. I still saw the adorable little girl with the blonde pony tails.

If you are not familiar with her products, you should be... If you are not familiar with her blog, you should be!

I came across this magnificent entry. Talented decorator, party planner and host, Eddie Ross, had used Lulu's fabric as a table cloth to create a wonderful table setting for a luncheon.

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image via Trail of Inspiration, Lulu DK

image via Trail of Inspiration, Lulu DK

Isn't that fabric fantastic? It reminds me of the ocean... it reminds me of sea glass and it reminds me of Henri Matisse, famous for his bright colors and collage. And it reminded me of a project that Alexander did when he was no more than 3 years old...

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Surely we could recreate this to fit a much larger sheet of paper using torn bits of colorful paper!

And so this is what we'll do!
Thank you Lulu for the wonderful idea... and for inspiring!

I'll be sure to show you the final project!
Meanwhile, please check out Lulu's fabulous video for more inspiration!