Fifty Shades of Grey

I knew that title would catch your interest! This piece was inspired by my funny, sassy and terribly talented friend and Canadian decorator Meredith Heron who has had me laughing along as we joke about the book's verbiage and characters... not to mention that I've repinned a few of her "grey" pins from Pinterest. So please pay her website and blog a visit as soon as you are done here. You will thank me - they are Faboosh!

I hope not to disappoint you by telling you that this has nothing to do with the book other than the fact that I borrowed the title from it. It has to do with home decor, and the color grey; all the magnificent wonderful shades that lie somewhere in between white and black. In the past I never was much for grey inside my home as I tended to equate the color with sublimely masculine bedrooms of heavy hitting Wall Street Tycoons, designed by Ralph Lauren in a horsey way or bare, cold and modern, designed perhaps by Calvin Klein and these were simply not me. But lately these hues have caught my attention, captured my interest and my heart. The color grey is not at all cold and impersonal, but can be warm, soft and gentle.

Why don't you come upstairs with me!

S R Gambrel. Gorgeous #color sense.
SR Gambrel

Perhaps we should start in the bedroom...
You will see that grey can be warm, inviting, soft and entirely feminine.

love this!

pink and grey a winning combo!
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

via Spanish Property for Sale

Pinterest, original source unknown

simple sanctuary.
Linda McDougal Design

Next, we'll quickly Sashay through the rest of the house to see all the wonderful ways grey can warm and calm and soothe your home. Even in her darker tones, there is nothing cold or harsh about her...

Perhaps we'll stop off for a quicky, er oops, I mean quickly in the living room!

House Beautiful

Mongolian Fur Benches...yes please
House Beautiful

S R Gambrel. #clean and perfect #design
SR Gambrel

grey = soft
The Glitter Guide

Living room from Desde My Ventana
Martha Stewart Living

Marcus Design Inc

Do you need to wash up? Use the restroom?

Gray + White
Better Homes and Garden

LB Palmetto Bluff : Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home
Postcards from Paris

Did that make you hungry? Should we see what's in the kitchen? Perhaps we can cook up a little something together, you and I... You simply must eat... You need your energy!

LB Palmetto Bluff : Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home
Postcards from Paris

Christopher Peacock's own kitchen
Christopher Peacock's Kitchen, original source unknown

Dark tile is sexy! Even better with a slight metallic sheen.

 Why don't you join me in the dining room?

kathleen clements 8
Kathleen Clements Design

Thank you so much for coming! I do hope you enjoyed your visit... let me walk you to the door and show you the way out...

Tumblr, original source unknown

Charcoal accents
House Beautiful

Bye, or perhaps I should say,

Laters Baby and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!