Brimfield, Part Two: When there's never too much of a good thing!

I hadn't intended on going back. I was going to spend 1 day at Brimfield. But I couldn't keep away... I wanted to reconnect with this wonderful, talented group of designers, stylists, decorators and friends... I wanted to go back and look through all the treasures (and the good bit of trash too, to be truthful!) and I wanted to go back without a schedule, without an agenda... armed with just a camera. And that's what I accomplished... I plodded through the fields at times alone and I plodded through the fields at times with friends... looking, laughing, marveling, wondering... I see the world around me very different when I look through my camera. I'm not looking at the overall picture, I'm looking at the details... the threads of our lives. When I go to the country, I won't shoot the entire farm - cattle, barn, horizon - I'll focus on the cow's face, a part of a bale of hay... there's so much beauty within that we completely miss...

I hope you enjoy my stroll through the Brimfield fields...

As you can see, the entire Brimfield experience is one for all the senses... it's visual, it's textural and, it's aromatic and flavorful!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and a fantastic Mother's Day!

I'm headed into the city (New York) today... with my camera, of course!