#brimfield or bust! {Part 1}

What a day... I'm still reeling... I'm still on a high...
I haven't had such a phenomenal day in a very long time!
How wonderful it was to be reacquainted with old friends, to meet new friends to be a part of such a wonderful and talented group of people... to come across some great finds... to be inspired...
I'm crazy enough to want to hop back into the car and drive another two hours (each way!) to reconnect with these fabulous people and walk around the fields some more.
I'm tired... bone tired but I have this terrible habit of pushing myself to the limit.
Take a look at my pictures below and you'll understand why I'm headed back for more!

We arrived at our tent sponsored by Aubuchon Hardware, Benjamin Moore, Company C and hosted by Fashion + Decor and The Daily Basics to find Warren Bobrow, aka The Cocktail Whisperer, setting up shop...

I mean look at this bar... phenomenal, n'est ce pas?

I know you're surprised to hear this... but I restrained myself. Having just gotten over a pretty nasty case of strep throat which knocked me off my feet for a few days, I thought it was better to stick with the basics, water - at least on an empty stomach!

Now come stroll along and see some of my kind finds...
My camera just loves Brimfield!

They made an error in the above photo... the glass to the left should say "ours" and
the large shaker in the middle should say "me" ... ;)

You just have to get a little silly every now and then! 

I'm just wild about big, fun costume jewelry!
I bought the above necklace for a mere $30... seriously this could be a Stella and Dot for nearly $70!
Right after I bought it someone else wanted it. HAH! I have a habit of doing that to people... what can I say? I have fabulous taste! (Yes, I am being sassy... don't take me seriously. I don't!)

 If I could only remember where the heck I saw this one!

If you're a regular reader you know I love love love LOVE old typewriters!

Ahhh, our old friend Pandora de Balthazar, with the best linens, bedding and pillows... ever! 

Howard's was a new find for me this year... a fantabulous fantastical one...
picked up a couple of thing for my boys' room!

I have a couple of these chairs... they're much more fun painted, n'est ce pas? 

Here I am debating, contemplating... agonizing whether to get this or not! It was a steal
... no need to twist this girl's arm!

After all, the necklace would be a perfect accessory to the dress I'd be wearing to the dinner sponsored by our favorite paint company ... EVER! {Benjamin Moore... Duh!}

Cheers everyone!
And thank you so very much to all the people,
friends and sponsors who made the day truly special!