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the best things do come in small packages...

Alexander gave me a ring the other day. It may possibly be my favorite ring. It's a cheap metal painted gold with little rhinestones all over it in the shape of a bow. I put it on my finger ignoring the never mix metals rule... cheap metal, white gold, silver, platinum... what's the difference? But there is a difference! Alexander's ring makes me smile. I smiled when he said "Here Mamma, this is for you!" and I placed it on my finger to make him happy having no idea how happy it would make me feel! So I wore it into the city today to keep Alexander a little closer to me. And I smiled every time I saw the ring... And now that I don't have the kids with me all the time, and I miss them dearly when I don't have them, it's a nice thing to have. The best things do indeed come in small packages!

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