Making a case for baskets... I am a basket case!

I know I certainly am! I have had a love affair with baskets ever since I had my first house when I was in my early twenties. I lived in a very small Cape Cod style house in Darien, Connecticut with two friends. I had just moved to the state and landed a sales position at Williams Sonoma in nearby Stamford to get me on my feet. It was there I would start to furnish my kitchen with wonderful appliances, ceramics, glassware, linens and baskets. Our discount was great and while my income was practically non-existent, especially after an after-work shopping spree, my little house had some cute stuff much of which I still use today, nearly twenty years later.

I discovered that baskets not only looked good; they complimented all styles of decor, really, and made a house look homey, but they were wonderful for storage. What was not to love about my beloved baskets that came in all shapes and sizes? Over the years my collection has grown. Many such baskets had made their way to my basement where they sat, unfortunately, collecting dust until they were needed for entertaining purposes, Easter or as a vehicle in which to present a lovely gift. And then I moved. And most of my beloved baskets came with me. I thought I had so many that they would not all be needed or used, but I managed to find a case (pun intended!) for each and every one of them! I have magazine collections housed in a few of the larger ones, files and business papers, in others, silverware, plants, blankets, towels, pillows and much more in others. (I do promise to take up to date pictures of my new home for you again very soon.)

Thankfully where I lacked in furniture, I made up for in baskets. Before I moved and before I settled in I created a board on Pinterest, aptly called Basket Cases, to inspire the use and placement of my own. I'm about done with all my baskets. They've been filled and they've found homes. And I am always on the prowl for more and I will put more to use, I assure you!

simple rustic elegant
heather bullard

Baskets are a natural fit in any kitchen. I keep a few there myself for veggies, fruit, etc. I even have a "junk basket" because I have no junk drawer!  I love the rustic look of this basket with the fruit, cutting boards and cutlery paired so wonderfully together.

Fresh. Great colors.
original source unknown, via Pinterest

I was drawn to this chair and basket. It's simple, rustic and, I think, stunning.
I'm also a huge fan of placing plants in baskets.

Work space.
via Pretty Pink Tulips

Here, baskets keep a laundry room in perfect order. I'm completely mad about that copper sink!

love fruit in baskets
image via Betty Twyford

Baskets and fruit... a perfect pear - er, I mean pair!

great idea for the kids
via Tumblr

I love the idea of these baskets as organizers. However, I think with my messy kids, the baskets would overflow in a matter of minutes and never get emptied... unless I emptied them...
Really, who are we kidding??!

dip-dyed baskets
Martha Stewart

I saw these dip dyed baskets in a Martha Stewart magazine a couple of years ago
 and fell madly in love with the idea.

under the bed - clever!
via Google

Baskets as under the bed storage. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

perfect bath towel storage

I too keep my towels in a basket. I have all different colored towels, bright pink, lime green, bright yellow, orange, blue and turquoise. (Matching hand towels and washcloths.) I found the towels a great way to add a splash of color to the bathroom.

great storage... or umbrella stand
via Pinterest

I have an older, smaller and definitely more fragile shopping cart. It's being used, at the moment, as an umbrella stand.

hanging basket for mail

A great idea for mail. Another great idea, my mother uses an old bicycle basket for her mail. Of course Martha has hers in her kitchen!

Bicycle baskets

I went into Pottery Barn and West Elm yesterday. Baskets must surely be "in" this season as they were all over the place. I would have bought all of them had I been able to!

I love these luggage-like baskets stacked at the end of the bed at West Elm.

These baskets were the first thing I saw when I walked into Pottery Barn. They are simply divine!

These baskets caught my interest. I'm considering the picnic-like basket for the boys' room which is going to have an Americana/Beach theme... and I need to tell you how exquisite these silk flowers are. I have a few hydrangea that are nearly 15 years old (also Pottery Barn, $4 less per stem!) and they still look as lovely as the day I got them. I decided to pick up a couple of new ones, two blue and two pink. As much as I try to have fresh flowers and greens in my home at all times, it cannot always be the case.
And, these flowers will never fade, wilt or die.

via The Entertaining House

This basket comes out every summer and comes with me everywhere. I love it. Here, she sits with the freshly cut flowers that came from the edge of my driveway.

Beautiful, practical... I'll always make a case for baskets!
Are you a basket case?