Decorating with white...

For years I rebelled about white in my home. I had grown up in a home full of life, and color was everywhere you looked. I loved it for it was what I knew. I was never afraid to use it and when I bought my first two homes color was prevalent. It energized me. It made me happy. Color says a lot about us, our lifestyles and personalities.

As I started to look around for smaller rental homes for my children and myself I would repaint each room as I walked through the houses. I was going to go with softer, paler colors this time. Instead of needing to be energized and recharged, I felt that we needed colors that were soothing, calming... tranquil and relaxing. And then I saw what would soon become our new home.

She was small and sweet and she called to me.She had the perfect little layout. She had been sitting vacant for nearly 6 months which is unheard of in these parts. We were meant to be. She was sitting waiting for me and my children!

This time I did not walk through and repaint her antique white walls. This time I left them as they were. They gleaned against the pristine hardwood floors. The over-sized window in the living room overlooked the large backyard where the trees were dressing into their spring wardrobes. Budding yellows, greens and whites beyond seemed to provide just the right amount of color. The sun's warms rays streamed in, brightly, illuminating. Suddenly all thoughts of color had been banished. Suddenly I wanted to create and work with a white space with splashes of color throughout. Could I do this with children? Was it practical to do with children? Sure, why not? I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile take a look at the following sources of inspiration for me.

soft white kitchen...
via Houzz

I love this white kitchen. It's white without that sterile feeling... It's a warm and welcoming white.

via BHG

Subtle touches of pastel add warmth and dimension to this bathroom. I love the tub placed directly in front of the window.

via Tumblr

This white room is anything but flat - It's alive with texture!

Love the floor
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I've always loved this hallway. The long, flowing drapes add a certain softness.

Beach clean.
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A perfect coastal retreat... the blue from the hydrangea and the ocean in the distance add just the perfect pop of color!

via BHG

Here white is less white with the addition of color via the pillows, artwork and flowers... This may be what will work for me and my children.

with a pop of color
via Mrs. Southern Belle (original source unknown)

I'm looking to purchase a white slip-covered couch. I really love the look. And I love the splashes of coral for a pop of color. Can I really make white work with three children?

The following photos just captured my heart... I found them on Pinterest. The rooms were designed by the beautiful and talented Boston-based Maureen Griffin Balsbaugh, a college friend of mine. Mo shows us that white is anything but is rich and textural ... it evokes our senses... it can stir our emotions... and if you look closely you will see there is so much more to white, than just white.

love!  via Maureen Griffin Balsbaugh Interiors
Maureen Balsbaugh Interiors

Beach Serenity  via Maureen Griffin Balsbaugh Interiors
Maureen Balsbaugh Interiors

white!  via Maureen Griffin Balsbaugh Interiors
Maureen Balsbaugh Interiors
Seriously, I want to make my bed and lie in it!

white... crisp clean white!
Maureen Balsbaugh Interiors

Do you think white is vanilla? Do you think I am insane to create a white living space in a home with three young children?

Happy Thursday... just one more day to go!