Monday... MyDay!!!

I'm a lover of Mondays! It's no secret that I think Monday is Myday!

I love to celebrate the fresh new start of a week where anything and everything is possible...
Where the possibilities are endless!

Maybe you need an extra spring to your step...
A little pep,
a pop of cheer...
Keep a few flowers on your desk or in your office to brighten up your space!

Of I could, this would be a place setting for a luncheon.

And don't forget to have flowers at home! All over the place if possible!
Their colors and fragrance always makes me smile...
One cannot walk past a bouquet of flowers no matter how lavish or simple and simply not smile.
It's positively impossible!

A fresh bouquet.

Make your daily cup of tea or coffee extra special in an extra special cup or mug.
Believe it or not, it will taste different! It will taste better!

Seahorse teacup.

I'm a huge believer in the power of positive thinking. Huge!
This works, trust me!


Something so simple as repainting your nails can make you smile.
There are so many wonderful colors to choose from this Spring!
Truthfully, I can't keep my fingers chip-free and so I paint them with a simple coat of clear,
but my toes are always colorful...
I love my happy feet!

spring nail color-love it!!

 Yes, I'm a believer... a huge believer in the power of daydreams...
I'll be dreaming of my favorite place...
my heaven on earth
I can't wait to go at the end of the summer...

Nantucket Streets #nantucket #storefront

Switch out your iPhone cover... This one will have everyone chuckling!

This was designed for me!!

I love fun and funky jewelry...
even if you don't normally "dress up" during the week a fun statement piece should brighten any day!

Turquoise Ring

and finally don't forget to celebrate...
you are totally worth it!

Blood Orange Margarita - Chin Chin!

Cheers to a Happy Monday!