Glass Ceilings

The other day I wrote a post about floors, so today I thought that we should raise our heads and look up!

I'm an outdoors sort of a girl and I need and crave natural sunlight. It doesn't have to be sunny outside, any shade of natural light will do. My home needs to be open and bright, the more the better for me. I do not mind the sun coming through my window in the morning, in fact, I do love it and can think of no better way to wake up. It's like having an organic alarm clock. It happens slowly, calmly and not at all jarring. I am an early riser, though, and do suppose if I had night owl tendencies I may not enjoy the sum on my face quite as much!

My last home was filled with skylights. Big, beautiful, wonderful windows on my ceiling. My bedroom had two and there was one over the shower in my bathroom. The skylights in my bedroom allowed me to be outside no matter the weather. I loved to watch the large oak tree directly overhead as she changed her wardrobe for each season. In wintertime, my skylights were often covered up by heavy, wet, white blankets. I admit, however, during those intense summer storms that would sweep through our town during the wee hours of the morning to having looked up once or twice, and cursing at those very windows I loved so dearly. Big, bold, bright bolts of lightening accompanied by the powerful, ground shaking booms of thunder were not welcome in my bed, especially when they woke me in the middle of the night!

When we moved I lost my bedroom skylights but I gained two over the dining area in our kitchen and one over my large bath! My kitchen overlooks a vast back yard bordered by so many trees one would imagine there was a forest in my backyard. That part of the kitchen is painted in Benjamin Moore's Leaf Green, as I wanted to feel as though it is an extension of our back yard. With the skylights directly overhead, one almost feels as though one's eating en plein air!

My favorite, by far, is the large skylight directly over the bath. I love to soak in the rain, beneath the moon, in the snow, and under the midday sun. There is nothing better!

In my grandmother's house in the South of France there was an atrium which resembled more of an outdoor hallway. It connected the detached garage to the rest of the house. If memory serves me correctly the space was, at one time, exposed to the elements and in later years covered by glass. There was a lovely lion fountain on the wall outside the garage, and when the area became glassed in, room developed a very zen-like feel. My grandmother converted this ordinary walkway to a rustic and yet elegant dining area. It was there, at a very young and impressionable age, where I developed my love for glass ceilings.

image via Light Locations

Glass ceiling, but the good kind.
image via Colorado Classic Sunrooms

glass ceiling.
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glass ceiling
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glass ceiling
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holy glass ceiling.
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glass coiffered ceiling
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glass ceiling.
image via Porch Light Interiors (original source unknown)

Don't you just want to bring the outside in as well?!

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