Once Upon a Secret...

I love memoirs. I love biographies. A little sex and a little scandal can be a fun thing to add to the literary repertoire, n'est ce pas? Ordinarily I am not a big reader of all things Kennedy. Sure he was handsome. Debonair. He was, after all, The President.

Sure she was elegant, chic, exuded class. Sure she lived near my childhood home and every once in a while I'd catch a glimpse of her walking in or out or near her Fifth Avenue home. Growing up in Manhattan, where celebrities are commonplace, I never flinched when I saw anyone famous. The appeal and lure of the Kennedy clan was lost on me in my youth. I was not alive when he was President and he died before I was born.

In my twenties I thought young JFK was hot and I wished I looked like his beautiful, young wife, Carolyn Bassette, who had a style and grace all her own. I started to understand the lure and mystique of the former First Lady and mourned along with the rest of the country when she died from cancer, non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at 64. This was the same cancer that would later take the life of my own grandmother, La Jolie Grandmere.

I knew about The Cuban Missile Crisis. I also knew that the former President had affairs. This is what I knew most about him. He had one very public one and, in my mind, no doubt, he had many more. If he strayed once, he strayed many times. I always wondered what his presidency would have been like had he served in modern times. My belief is that his image would be tainted, tarnished... maybe even destroyed. We, as a Nation, would not have the same fond memories we do now.

A new memoir about the former president is about to hit the shelves. In 2003, information was released to Robert Dallek, presidential historian and author of  An Unfinished Life, a memoir about Kennedy, regarding an 18 year old socialite and well-to-do debutante who was an intern at the White House, and with whom President Kennedy had an affair. Now, at 69, and a grandmother, Mimi Alford has decided to tell her side of the story.

Why Mimi Alford has decided to come forward now is unknown.

For an excerpt of the book as well as video with Meredith Viera, click here.

I gotta tell you, this is going to be on my bedside table ASAP!

What about you?