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In the name of Love...

We all know this blue box.
We all know what it stands for.

"Tiffany's" might as well be another word for love.
Perhaps we ought to write to Miriam Webster. After all, they're adding all sorts of new words these days. The Little Blue Box. That's another word for love, better yet it's a symbol of love. 

Truthfully, I've never been a fan of red roses. They don't last terribly long, do they?
Little Blue Boxes tied up with pretty white ribbons - That's so much more my thing! And the boxes last a such a very long time - And their contents last even longer! 

Is there anything better than a Little Blue Box? You can always fit into what's inside a Little Blue Box! It's like a fabulous pair of shoes... only better! It's like a sublimely delicious handbag, only better!

You see, it's what's inside the box that counts!
And yes, the best things really do come in small packages.

Love, romance, hearts, romance, love, hearts... It's what Valentine's Day is all about... It's what Tiffany's is all about!

Last week Tiffany & Co. contacted me to see if I would write a piece about lockets for Valentine's Day. Delighted to, I replied. After all, the iconic company holds a spot near and dear to my heart. Like the Tiffany locket.

Tiffany & Co. creates the perfect Valentines that come straight from the heart of a great jeweler, now in its 175th year of honoring life’s greatest moments. The most emblematic of all Valentines is the heart, captured by the Tiffany Hearts® collection in elegant lockets suspended from fine chains.

A heart locket of 18 karat rose gold is beautifully inscribed with “I Love You.” Another romantic and more personal message may be kept within the locket, sheltered by its elegant contours and rosy glow that kindles warm memories.

Heart lockets of sterling silver share the “I Love You” inscription or sparkle with diamonds at the locket’s center. Polished to perfection, these treasured symbols reflect Tiffany craftsmanship with every movement.

Tiffany’s vibrant, color-saturated gemstones are equally gifted at expressing emotion. Two vibrant pink spinels, perfectly matched and totaling 11.19 carats, are paired with sparkling diamond florets in dazzling earrings. Through skillful hand cutting, the spinels’ radiant color is unleashed, and with it the intense joy of giving and receiving something so rare.

Wrapped in the Tiffany Blue Box®, these incomparable Valentines celebrate Tiffany’s longevity as the jeweler of love and romance.

What a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. (Go on, share this post with the special man in your life!) 

The exact origin of the locket is not exact. In its earlier forms the locket was used to carry around small things that had some value to the wearer. Medicine could be kept inside them, as well as poison! Lockets were also used by those who held certain beliefs in herbs and like charms to ward off evil and sickness. The hair or ashes of loved ones was often kept inside a locket as one of many items kept as a keepsake. 

The locket became popular as a fashion piece as well as a symbol of love during the Victorian era, which is also known as the romantic era. (Is it no coincidence that Tiffany's first opened their doors during this era?) The heart shaped locket symbolized one heart lying near another.

Soon, with the advent and popularity of photography, placing photographs inside of these lockets became commonplace. Lockets are still widely worn today and the heart shaped version remains the most popular of all the shapes. 

I have my own style. I like to do things slightly differently. I like the elegance and simplicity of the silver locket, worn open. I think the Tiffany blue compliments the silver beautifully. My locket is worn stylishly in a more modern manner, as a choker, sitting right at my collar bone, complimented by a crisp, white blouse. 

The Tiffany Hearts® collection is available at Tiffany & Co. locations worldwide.

Wrapped in the Tiffany Blue Box®, these incomparable Valentines celebrate Tiffany’s longevity as the jeweler of love and romance.

The Tiffany Hearts® collection is available at Tiffany & Co. locations worldwide. Or you can click here to learn more about their lockets on their website.



Spice up your Martini this Valentine's Day!

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