Have yourself a happy little homemade Christmas!

I love receiving homemade gifts. Likewise, I love to deliver homemade gifts. In previous years my gifts have hailed from the kitchen in the form of some sort of baked good dripping in calories and sugar! These are the best kids of baked goods, right? Well, there are other wonderful ideas that can be created from your kitchen... Some won't even add pounds to your perfect little figure!

I think homemade speaks from the heart and lets someone know that you have cared enough of them to put time and thought into their gift. A perfect gift needs not damage your bank account any further. With homemade there is truly something for everyone on your list. I've gathered some of my favorite things to make - and I'll be sure to make a little extra for me!

This lemon scrub is a favorite of mine!

I'm going to whip up some of this later today!

It's 5:00 somewhere, right? These delightful fruit-infused vodkas hail from my friend Kelsey Banfield's blog The Naptime Chef. (She's got loads of other ideas and her book is out this Spring!)

I have never met a Limoncello I didn't like love!

Easy, elegant, sophistication!

A different kind of baked good. I adapted this Egg Nog cake recipe from another and it is deliciously decadent!

These biscotti are soft, crunchy and a lovely alternative to a traditional cookie!

With the exception of the Eggnog cake recipe, these are all perfect gifts for any time of year!

Do you like to give homemade gifts? What sorts of gifts do you like?