I've unfairly accused the kids...

Lately it seems we have a problem with sneak eating. I blame not one child specifically, but know there are three (perhaps even 6) little hands that make it into the pantry with stealth and agility. I have started to hide the goodies. I have had to for baking purposes me! Have you any idea how maddening it is to absolutely need those end of the day m&ms to find out they are gone?  Bag emptied, left there in the pantry, contents removed? Well I have almost shed tears over this. The same has happened with chocolate chips, dark, milk and white. Unopened bags no less suddenly emptied! And so how can we bake the cookies? Our house is well sealed. We have mice but never do they come inside. Well, imagine my eyes when I found this waiting for me on the kitchen counter! I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing!

And these were the Ghirardelli chips no less!

Hoping your day is delightfully mischievous as well!