When art imitates art

I am quite sure Stella McCartney was not channeling any certain modern pop culture artist when she designed her most recent line. The waves that appear on nearly all her items create a soft, pleasing visual flow. These same waves appear to be throughout Ms. McCartney's 2012 Spring and Summer collection as well. I quite like the fluidity of the lines. But it was not the waves that immediately caught my eye, instead I was all about the dots. I adore dots. I love polka dots and adore dotted Swiss. But this collection wasn't about the polka dots and the dotted Swiss. Instead, the waves and the polka dots reminded me of a particular artist. My reaction was immediate. It was strong.

Art is in my background... my genes and blood. Many of you know that when I was young my mother worked in the public relations department of the Museum of Modern Art. Many of you know that I visited there, the offices as well as the museum, a lot. And so, a child with a strong art background how could I not think of this artist immediately when I saw Ms McCartney's most recent collection?

Roy Lichtenstein (October 27, 1923 – September 29, 1997) 

Does anyone else see it?