Fur... from runway to street to home

I remember when my father gave my mother her fur coat. It was black. Mink. The softest thing I had ever seen or felt. Her coat was reversible. During the cold, winter months she would wear her coat to work, as I would refer to it, inside out, so that the fur was against her skin, keeping her warm during some of New York City's coldest days. She walked to work. Always. With her coat she was protected from the mighty winds that one would easily imagine knocking her off her feet. (My mother is a tiny person.) It would take a storm of serious nature to keep her from her walk nearly a mile away.

My parents had a wonderful social life when we lived in the city. A young girl, I remember sitting with my mother has she dressed in her fancy clothes, put on her makeup, her jewelry, and, in the winter months, her fur coat. For dressier affairs she turned her coat fur side out. She looked so glamourous to me as  she walked out of the apartment with my father dressed in his tuxedo. His coat was Paul Stuart. Always Paul Stuart. Funny how I remember that...

A few years ago my mother brought the coat to me. It was a gift if I wanted it. I tried it on and stood in front of the mirror. As much as I loved it, it didn't feel like me. I didn't look glamourous in it. I didn't have cocktail parties and galas and openings to attend. It was comfortable, wonderfully so and I too preferred to wear it inside out. I kept it for a while. Wore it for a while. I always wore it inside out. But it didn't feel like me. I felt too young to be wearing it. And the sleeves, at the shoulders, were a little dated. Maybe I'd wear the coat later, when I grow up, I thought.

My mother asked about the coat one day and I admitted to the fact that it spent more time in the closet than on me. I had two young children, after all. The coat didn't match my lifestyle at the time. She asked if she could take it back. She'd have the shoulders reworked and she did. And she kept her coat. Now I like it! Maybe she'll give it back to me one day... When I grow up, that is!

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Fur was not always worn by all. It represented wealth and luxury. This is no longer the case with the wonderful faux variations out there. Fur has made a comeback both on the streets as well as in our homes. The soft material can be seen gracing the pages of both decor as well as fashion magazines. Instead of representing almost unattainable wealth, today's fur and fur styles evoke a feeling of stylish comfort. Today's fur styles are chic and, hip and sophisticate. They are worn by our youthful as well as our more mature women. Today's furs are not tucked away in the back of the closet, saved only for the special party or special event. Today's furs can be worn both casually and formally. And in the home, these wonderfully fun fur accessories are an elegant way to invite you inside to cozy up. Fur is another example, this season, of how fashion comes off the street and into our homes.

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