Color me happy

I've always believed that design and fashion complement one another. I've always felt that the two belong hand in hand. I have always known that the way I dress is very much the way I decorate my home. I, without a doubt, have my own sense of style. I am most definitely classic with a twist of whimsy. I love black and white but color must be thrown into the mix. I cannot live in a home without color. The more the merrier. I cannot dress without adding a touch of color.

My friend Gretchen Aubuchon, an interior designer, has a blog dedicated to this - the pairing of fashion and home decor. She's most recently been featured in New England Home Magazine's blog. Her pairings are so very fun. Not long ago she dedicated one of her posts to me. I chided with her one day telling her that I wanted her to come up with a pairing based up one of my favorite drinks, the Gimlet. (See my whimsy!) She did a great job. Don't you think? See this and this with a brief interview of Moi, yours truly.

Well, as many of you know I am completely addicted to a site called Pinterest, where I can gather, organize and store ideas that inspire me. Two images immediately caught my attention - one for the home, the other for the wardrobe. The resemblance is uncanny. I fell in love with both immediately.

So, here's my pairing inspired by, and dedicated to Gretchen.


Image courtesy Martha Stewart

Black, white and a perfect touch of color. I simply adore orange. It's such a happy, warm color. And... is it me, or does this room remind you of a certain French, orange gift box?

If the orange walls are a bit too much for you but you still love the color, a simple arrangement with a touch of color still makes a bold statement.

Image via Pinterest. Original source unknown.

Wishing you all a happy Hump Day!