Short days ahead

I've been seeing something of a new trend emerging. Normally, I am not one for trends. Trends are not true fashion. They do not stand the test of time and they come and go with a quick batting of thick, beautiful eyelashes. Yet trends have their places in our fashion histories. Sometimes we look back fondly and sometimes we laugh at them. The 1980s was a decade filled with them, mostly laughable! I remember my stirrup pants, paisley prints, massive shoulder pads, big hair, rip and torn clothes, black rubber Madonna bracelets. Yet, as horrific as these may seem to us now, they held a very special place in our growing hearts. Many of us came into our own in the 80s and this was the decade where we could first start to figure out who we were and express ourselves. We would later grow and the trendy items would get tossed aside and replaced by those items better suited to our needs, bodies and personalities. My wonderfully colorful Benetton sweaters, my frivolously pouffy Laura Ashley dresses with super-sized Peter Pan collars, loafers with the pennies, tighter than hell Calvin Klein and Sassoon jeans... All those wonderful items have a special place in my personal history. Since those years, two decades ago, I have grown, matured and found my true style. I am not a trend-setter and I do not bow to fashion. What you see when I am out is a perfect reflection of what I am. I like the classics, good, genuine, long-lasting pieces that have staying power. I am not a slave to a label - price or size.  I try on what fits and if the 6 happens to fit better than the 4 I tend wear, that's the size I purchase. I think it is lovely to have a few high ticket pieces in my wardrobe, but lately I have no budget. I still look for classic pieces with staying power. I look for something that can be worn many different ways. I look for pieces that go with what I have in my wardrobe. I look for classic, timeless and elegant, because that's what makes me feel best. But timeless and trendy can play well together. As can elegant and casual, expensive and inexpensive. When I am asked what my style is, I never hesitate to say Classic with a twist... Class with Sass! One must have fun with their style and never take it, or life too seriously.

Trends, when seasonal, are fabulous. So when I noticed that shorts are being worn well into the fall, and perhaps into the winter, I though, indeed, isn't this clever! I am always looking for a way to extend the life of some of my clothes. I love my shorts and if I can pair them with sexy cashmere cardigans, sheer linen blouses with scarves, blazers, tights and even boots, well this is a trend I will embrace!

As I started curating pictures for this article, I noticed how varied and versatile this look can be. One doesn't have to be 20 years old with a pair of mile-long, killer legs to make this work. Even I can pull this off. Even little ol' me! Heels always add length to your legs. Dark tights always make them look leaner. Boots can add fun or sophistication. Whether you opt to wear a more grunge-like buffalo plaid, or a pretty silk blouse, the shorts look can successfully be carried off well into the fall.

Photography credit: All pictures below have been curated from my Pineterest board, and original sources are all noted there.

Do you like any of these looks? Which is the one that best describes you?
I simply adore the sheer navy polka dotted blouse with the jean shorts. Simply Adore it!