I'm too sexy for my...

I was perusing the New York Times Fashion section and their coverage of the Spring/Summer 2012 show in Paris because even though we are closer to October than August, Connecticut is steamy and sultry these days, and the humidity has taken complete control of my hair, body and mind. I was perusing the pictures of the Times and noticed that color-blocking, which is rising in popularity now, will continue to be popular this summer. Black and white will also be en vogue. As will black and nude. Not nude, as in the nude color of the not quite sheer pantyhose you wore in 8th grade because you felt all grown up, but nude as in nude. Noooooooood.

Image courtesy New York Times

The fabric, what little there is, flows sensually along the sleek body and the designer, Anthony Vaccarello brings sexy back into play. The dress is stunning, yes?

But I beg to ask the question, which pair of Spanx would best be worn with this?

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