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iPad touchscreen by Spinning Hat

I think this is the most fantastically brilliant cleverest creative thing I have seen in a long time!

The typewriter played a great role in my childhood. My grandfather, a writer and film producer, spent much of his day in his small book filled office, in the South of France. My memories of their home were created by the magnificent sights and smells that surrounded me. As well as the sounds. Even poolside I could hear the muffled click-clacking that came from his office below. This click-clacking was punctuated by a series of dings. It was a constant sound. It was a melodic and soothing sound to me. Now that I am a writer and grown I marvel at the constant click-clack ding... click-clack ding... did he never experience writer's block? Did he never make mistakes? Did he never have to stop for a moment to insert a new role of correction tape? It was always click-clack ding... click clack ding.

I had a toy typewriter as a child. It was a favorite toy of mine. I had the Barbies and dolls but they collected dust in the corner. The typewriter was where it was at. Click clack ding... click clack ding... otherwise I was busy with my piles of paper, markers and crayons.

My mother worked in public relations throughout her successful career. As a child I considered it a treat to visit her at work and meet and "play" with her friends. Jody took me "swimming" on her knees. There was Earl and Mark, and Susan who left long before my mother did but the two women remain very close all these years later. Michael came a bit later and left before she did. He is now at the helm of ElleDecor - You may have heard of it!

Mom, Earl, PR dept at MoMa 1977
Wasn't Mom smokin'? (Literally!) 

Earl, Mom, Dad, Mark at some MoMa, 1977

My mother's farewell party at MoMa 1977
Diana, Susan, Dad, Bill, Mom

My mother would bring me along on her "errands" through the museum's back offices...  to the mail room and beyond... I found the behind the scenes more fascinating than the wonder that was carefully curated on the walls beyond... I was incredibly privileged... I was incredibly spoiled.

The best part about getting to visit my mother at work at The Museum of Modern Art was that I could sit in her office and use her office supplies... the paper, pens, pencils... I remember loving the oil pencils that were used to mark up photographs. In those days photo editing was done by hand. The pencils had a distinct smell and feel. They glided across the page and when the oily nub ran down, there was a small white string at the tip that one would pull and the wood that held the tip in place would slowly peel away in a curly Q revealing more red tip, and when that tip wore down you'd peel yet more away. I think I liked the act of peeling away at this magnificent pencil even more than I liked creating images with it!

My favorite part of our visit was indeed her typewriter... The electric typewriter with its whir, hum, click-clack ding. How I loved to visit my mother at work and sit behind her typewriter at her desk, on her chair. How grownup I felt. I couldn't very well type in those days. I didn't want to; it would have taken 5 minutes to write a simple word. What I wanted was to create the click-clack ding... click clack ding. How my heart sang when I sat at my mother's chair, at her desk, at her typewriter!

I love that something new and modern and fresh and smart can evoke such wonderful childhood feelings!

Happy Weekend All!