How not to write...

I recently read a book recommended to me by a friend called God Never Blinks by Regina Brett. I've been struggling with my writing lately and this really struck a chord. This not only applies to writing, but anything that we want to do that for one reason or other we don't - either we never get to it, never have time, or simply just put it off... 

How not to write?
·         Let technology scare you. Postpone writing until you learn how to electronically number all the pages.

·         Get your doctorate in creative writing.
·         Start therapy.
·         Find the right writer’s group.
·         Wait until you get over your fear of rejection or fear of success.
·         Tell yourself the odds of getting published are against you.
·         Worry about how you’ll pay the bills
·         Compare yourself to everyone else.
·         Complain that it’s too hot, too cold, too muggy, or to nice to be able to write.
·         Try hard to add significantly to the world of great literature.
·         Analyze every idea before you write the first sentence.
·         Strive for perfection.
·         Declare yourself the next Shakespeare.
·         Try to write like everyone except yourself.
·         Use only big words to impress people.

How not to write?
·         Sign up for a writers’ conference instead of actually writing.
·         Constantly tell yourself you have nothing to say.
·         Consult your horoscope.
·         Make a list of all the people who think you won’t cut t as a writer.
·         File your nails.
·         Water the plants.
·         Clean the basement.
·         Open an office.
·         Build a hermitage n the backyard or an entire wing on the house to write in.
·         Look for affirmation from everyone around you.
·         Ignore your own sorrows, passions and music.
·         Whine about how nobody understands you.
·         Demand an advance first.
·         Talk to telemarketers.
·         Play solitaire on the computer.
·         Make a to-do list with writing as the top priority.
·         Complain about the English teacher you had who scarred you.
·         The professor who ignored you.
·         The brother who stole your diary.
·         The sister who read your journals.
·         Waste time envying other writers who have it so easy.
·         Edit as you go.
·         Check the rules of grammar and punctuation before you finish every paragraph.
·         Talk about your ideas so much that even you lose interest.

How not to write?
·         Wait until you have children.
·         Wait until your children stop teething, finish soccer and go off to college.
·         Wait until you have two hours of uninterrupted time to write.
·         Wait until you quit smoking, quit drinking, or find the right drink and are stone drunk.
·         Wait until your siblings move and your parents die.
·         Wait until you meet the love of your life.
·         Wait until the divorce is final.
·         Wait until you go on vacation.
·         Wait until vacation is over. Wait until you retire.
·         Wait until you find your music.
·         Wait until you feel inspired.
·         Wait until a doctor says you’ve got six months to live.
·         Then die with your words still inside of you.


Ok, what's your excuse for not following your dreams and passions?