tiny bubbles...

I love Champagne. I love Prosecco... I love all things bubbly! Since I can't very well drink a bottle of Veuve in one sitting (well, I could but really shouldn't publicize such) I was thrilled to be introduced to Sofia Copolla's Blanc de Blancs a couple of years ago. This wonderfully fruity bubbly comes in miniature single-serve pink cans complete with individual straws! This precious four-pack makes a delightful gift and is perfect for a picnic in the park or a night at the beach with friends. It's also perfect for someone like me who wants to celebrate life every once in a while!

In my year of firsts and in my quest to try and do things I have never done before this precious pink can will come in handy! You see I have never before been to the movies alone. I am taking myself to see Midnight  in Paris one day this week. (Has to be in the daytime as my evenings are already filled!)

Last year a couple of friends and I went to see Sex in the City when it was playing on the big screen. We went armed with fancy sandwiches and cosmos. Yes we did! My friend Susan packed a bag of ice, mixings for our Cosmos and a shaker. As the previews rolled the sound of the ice against the metal shaker was instantly recognizable! The patrons were so envious.

So to celebrate more of my year of firsts I am bringing Champagne to the movies! I am bringing Champagne to my most favorite place on earth...  I am bringing Champagne to Paris! And I think I'll stop off and pick up a baguette to nibble on as well...

Oh I can hardly wait! Oh what fun these firsts are!