I have so much to catch up on! I have the Angela Moore fashion show to tell you about as well as all the wonderful, fabulous new finds to share with you... I recently drove to southern New Jersey. All by myself. I have never done a road trip all by myself through un-chartered territory. I have never driven long distance to attend a party where I knew just two people. This is all in my year of firsts. I am learning to step outside my comfort zone. I am not about to let my life pass me by. Life is a highway and I want to ride it... all night long!

I miss my children terribly. I am saddened and disappointed by the fact that it is now 8:30 and they have yet to reach out to me. I don't care how busy their day there is time for a phone call. There is always time for a phone call.

I have decided to turn loneliness into solitude. Solitude is a lovely thing.

I am home and now comfortable with the fact that the house will be mine alone all week. I can come and go and do as I please. I will allow myself to take advantage of this. I have done a pretty good job of this so far.

Today I have:
* Cleaned the kitchen and not had to yell at anyone to stay off the wet floors
* Turned on the television. And watched what I wanted to! I needed to relax after a long drive to and from New Jersey and very little sleep.
* I then made lunch. I made something for myself (Italian tuna on a ciabatta roll) and there were no little ones around to have to share with!
* I took a two hour nap. In my bed. And there were no little children coming in to ask me if they could have this, that or the other. No little children telling me that it was time to wake up. No little children coming in to tell me that their brother (sister) is the biggest brat in the world.
* I had a few Hershey's Kisses and didn't have to share one!
* I walked around wearing nothing but T shirt and my underwear. So liberating.
* I made salad for dinner. My way. With the things I like...
* I brought my salad up to my bedroom... ate it on my bed... in front of TV! (While watching The Food Network)
* I am going to take a bath and turn on the jets. There are no children around to ask "Momma, are you done yet?"
* I'll go to bed early and maybe take an Ambien. Perhaps since no one is around I might actually sleep through the night. (I have not slept through the night in well over a year.)
* I have made plans for every day this week. I have made plans for almost every evening this week.
* I am well rested now and relaxed.
* I still miss my children. I hope they call.

I do wish I could kiss them and tuck them into bed, however.

I saw this quote on Twitter earlier. I need to remind myself of this sometimes. I believe we all do.

God has a reason for allowing things to happen
We may never understand his wisdom, 
but we simply have to trust His will.