Lilly Pulitzer would so not have approved of this...

Recently I came across this dress. I thought it was some terrible Lilly knock off. After all, the real Lilly Pulitzer would never have created this. And she certainly would never have approved. I get that the company is taking off, trying new things, edgier and trendier, and some of their new styles and designs are pretty fabulous. But this one completely missed the mark. The dress is confused. I am confused. Is this an evening dress or a daytime dress? The faux diamonds seem to suggest evening wear yet the simple shift style and pastel colors paired with the playful print seem to suggest daytime wear... a dress to wear to lunch or shopping or late afternoon cocktails at the beach club. I can't imagine this dress in Newport, the Hamptons, Lake Forest or Palm Beach. I really can't imagine this dress anywhere!

Take a closer look...

Look closely. It's just wrong. It's all wrong... The top does not go with the rest of the dress. I'm reminded of a skating dress. A bad one at that. Seriously, do any of you remember the skater Tanya Harding? She was the Bad Girl on the ice who was always trying to keep up with the beautiful Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy brought Vera Wang on to the ice. Nancy would have been a Lilly girl. Tanya would have been this monstrosity. Sorry Lilly. This dress is more trashy than classy.

What do you think?

Ps. Lilly P is not dead. Several have asked me. But I don't believe she sees all that transpires at the Co w her name on it.