have you met?
for those of you who have a love of taking photos no matter where you go...
for those of you who see the beauty and the artistic in the everyday...
it is a new means of communication...
because we all know a picture is worth a thousand words...
for those of you who have an iphone...
if you do not know it will revolutionize the way you see the world...
it is a free app and these guys are geniuses!
to learn more about instagram click here.

below are some simple, basic images taken with my iphone that i have enhanced w instagram.

From my beach chair I looked up and shot the umbrellas last weekend at the beach in Newport
under sunny skies

At my physiatrist's office waiting to hear how we will treat my neck (and now my back) symptoms.
doctor, doctor give me the news...

instagram turned this muffin into a visual mouth watering delight.
cinnamon doughnut muffin
(recipe at The Entertaining Kitchen)

instagram captured my kids' kitchen creation.
guacamole de los ninos
(recipe at The Entertaining Kitchen)

instagram made these McDonald's fries seem Saveur Magazine worthy!
Lovin' it!

I took this just after I cut some hydrangea from the front of the house
Summer in a basket

silly self portrait on the tennis court

at the pool
Ain't Life Grand!

neglected overgrown tomato plant filled with weeds
no fruits of labor

Isn't Instagram sublime?
Go download yours now!

Happy a wonderful photo-filled weekend!