Angela Moore fashion show to benefit The International Tennis Hall of Fame

It's like going home.

I learned to play tennis at The International Tennis Hall of Fame. If you're a local you just call it The Hall of Fame or you call it The Casino. We did anyhow. And that's where I got my Chrissy Evert swing. She was my hero. Now she's old. As am I. After shoulder surgery and numerous re-injuries let's just say my swing ain't got that thing!

I grew up and went to college and returned to Newport in the summertime. No longer taking lessons (it was time to get a job) I returned each summer to help out as a member of the tournament staff. I worked on the Volvo and Virginia Slims events and had a blast. Eventually I graduated and had to move on to more grown up and responsible things. I left Newport for Greenwich, Connecticut and have not traveled far since.

I still love to return to the Hall of Fame. I love to bring my children there too. Perhaps one day they too will take lessons on the grass courts.

I was thrilled beyond words when I was asked to accompany The Daily Basics Editor Cynthia Bogart along with Gretchen Aubuchon of Gretchen Aubuchon Designs to a Champagne breakfast and fashion show sponsored by Angela Moore to benefit the Hall of Fame. Love Angela Moore. Love the Hall of Fame... How could I possibly turn down such a fabulous offer? Even better my aunt will be modeling some of the collection at Angela Moore!

If you are near or in the Newport area and are interested, I do believe there are still tickets available. Click here for more information.

Summertime is for Preppies. And it doesn't get preppier than this!