You're Never Fully Dressed Without Your _____________________! (Fill in the blank)

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1. Lipstick (or a good gloss) is my go to item when I need to feel put together. I'm a pink girl and feel that reds wash me out. I have, probably, 50 lipsticks and glosses... and I probably lose and find half that amount every day! In a pinch, I can rub a little lipstick on to my cheeks if I suddenly find myself somewhere and feel as though I need a pop of color. (Let's say I decide to hit the grocery store after my Zumba or Pilates class!)

2. A Smile. Annie was right. You are never fully dressed without your smile. Your lipstick ain't worth nothin' without that smile!

3. Pearls. The more the merrier! As you know I recently celebrated a Birthday. Pearls are this Gemini's best friend as well as birth stone. I mix them up... large and small - real and faux... I love them with jeans or an elegant evening dress.

4. Shoes! I love shoes. Especially fun and colorful and whimsical ones! I believe that shoes can be elegant as well as fun. I adore the pink ones in the photo above. I would wear them with a little black dress or with a pair of jeans and a well fitted T-shirt... of course I would toss the pearl necklaces on as well... a dab of color on my lips and cheeks and I'm ready to go!

5. Some girls like big diamond rings... some big expensive watches (Ok, Ok, I like those too!) but really, at the end of the day, the best accessory is something that can be held and sipped... preferably with bubbles... preferably of Italian or French origin!

So girls, fill in the blank... What are you never fully dressed without? Can't wait to hear your answers!

Happy Saturday!