Steven Stolman knows Jack!

The tantrums tears hair pulling kicking screaming crying punching pinching that I have had to endure has been entirely worth it... I had the privilege to meet Steven Stolman, Design Director for Jack Rogers at Angela Moore in Newport today. Despite the fact that he took one look at my old, worn, hanging together by a thread (remember this post?) Zsa Zsa's and told me it was time to toss them (Gasp! NEVER!!) and that it was time to grow up and move on to a newer shinier, sexier, hipper (oh, OK) pair of Zsa Zsas, I found him to be personable and charming and very amusing. Steven knows his shoes... specifically he knows Jack... And I learned a few things that I hadn't known before. I'm putting together a special post regarding these fabulous sandals over at The Daily Basics. I'll let you know when that piece is up and running.

(Yes, more on Angela Moore and The Newport Flower Show to follow!)