Someone told me it's all happening at the Zoo

I do believe! I do believe it's true!

I discovered the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI a few years back and it became an instant favorite. The Bronx Zoo is lovely but much too large to take in at once. The Central Park Zoo is lovely but small. Just two hours from my home in Connecticut and less than 45 minutes from Newport, this family friendly zoo is manageable, clean, and best, on a hot summer day has plenty of shade so that you can stroll along with your children in comfort. The animals were plentiful and lovely and obviously very well looked after. A children's zoo is in the process of being built. This addition will make this wonderful setting even better!

If you happen to be in the area or have a trip planned to Rhode Island, this should be on your places to see!

(click on the above as you scroll through the pictures!)

I adore Zebras... graceful and beautiful...

But these gentle giants really hold a special place in my heart!
Two years ago we came just days after a baby was born. The baby Giraffe's name was Alexander. I asked about Alexander but he's at another zoo. Apparently there are lots of giraffes born at Roger Williams.

These beautiful pink birds are really quite stinky!

There's something rather cute and cuddly about this anteater!

The turtles were racing all over the place when we were there!

I said to to this alligator "My, you'd make a lovey pair of shoes!"

I don't think he liked my comment very much!

This sweet little animal is called a Red Panda. He had Panda and Raccoon-like traits. Why do all Zoo animals seem so huggable?

Our long weekend was event-filled and non-stop. The kids really enjoyed themselves. As did I. And the best part of the trip? I just may have converted my daughter... I think she may have crossed over to the Country Side!

Tomorrow I hit the road again with the boys. Rebecca will be headed to Maine. I'll put the boys in the third row and place the snacks back there with them.

I'll have the front row to myself. And the music. Country, of course. And I can sing, out of tune and at the top of my lungs with the windows and roof open without my twelve year old telling me to "Stop it Mom! You're embarrassing me! Ohmigod! Everyone's looking at us... Please stop it!"